Aether Inhaled Deformities

by Kara Darahu

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Symphonic Monumental Extreme Metal



nightmares, oh how they are tormenting me
these worlds of anguish and eternal despair

sadness ridden sands of time, devouring lush realities

deeper, deeper I must go
to extort sanity from the one keeping it from me

you, darkest of my dreams, I have come for you

torrents of desolate fates intertwined
a constellation of hopes forlorn
it has taken a lifetime to come this far
and to enter the realm I seek another life fades

behold! a lover reduced to dust, ashes of a god dead

fountains of souls gleaming black light
from here we all came
and into this nothingness we shall always drown again

dare I open the gate leading my mind through hell
reach into fires of hatred, ice pits of rejection
my heart torn apart from within

legions of etherial thorns
rapidly expanding the dimensions of time and space
aether inhaled deformities capture attention
undeath of aeons crushing sacred visions

my subconscious armies march against a devastating foe
there amidst the battle eating dreams and men alike
a faint touch of hope brings me solace

prismatic fortress of absolutes, the alpha and the omega
conquered and occupied
the gateway from here to eternity
protectors fall until the seal is broken
and my dreams are cast back into chaos
and into the flames

let the war commence.


released June 28, 2013
All music & lyrics: Kara Darahu
Release: Artificial God Productions



all rights reserved


Kara Darahu Finland

Symphonic Monumental Extreme Metal From Finland

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